Urban Planet Mobile and Siteminis collaborate to launch Travelingo for mobile phones

Posted on July 6, 2010


Tourists who travel to different places for work or sightseeing and find it difficult to communicate in native languages can now heave a sigh of relief. Well, now they can learn some common phrases in different languages thanks to Travelingo.com. This new mobile travel website is a joint venture between Urban Planet Mobile and Siteminis.

Featuring both written and audio translations, the tool is designed for an array of phones like iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia, Blackberry and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. This application is available on any cell phone containing Web access. Users can now fearlessly travel to new places as this application allows them to hear as well as read key phrases of foreign languages with translations on their mobile phones.

Travelers can easily roam to any place with the applications easy-to-use way of finding directions and make accurate reservations without embarrassing themselves by mispronouncing languages. By learning the important phrases of foreign languages, users can easily navigate the nearest museum, hotel, restaurant, bathroom, airport, train or bus rather than learning the whole language.

Brian Oliver Smith, CEO of Urban Planet, remarked, “Travelingo.com acts as a ‘native speaker’ in your pocket or purse,” and further said, “With Travelingo.com, there isn’t the need to be fluent in the native language of foreign countries where you travel, yet you can show a polite and respectful way of understanding their language and getting the information you need from people who aren’t fluent in English. Travelingo.com is the perfect travel companion for independent travelers who realize the value of speaking a little bit of the local language which can get you a richer, deeper experience.”

Explorers can pick from a basketful of languages to translate from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Arabic. They can also perform reverse translations of each to English. Initially introduced in 10 languages, plans are being made to increase the company’s language directory in the near future. Users can then select a category of common phrases like Business, Clothing & Shopping, Emergencies, Food & Dining, General, Greetings, Hotel, Leisure, Number & Time, Phone and Transportation.

Travelingo.com can be purchased on a monthly subscription at $4.95 from the company’s official website. For a limited period of time, users can enjoy a fully functional free trial as well.