National Retail Federation Releases Mobile Blueprint

Posted on July 7, 2010


Great new report is just out on the NRF site- The Mobile Retail Blueprint.

The NRF’s blueprint is a virtual roadmap for retailers to assist in the use of mobile to enhance their marketing, ecommerce and store operations with a special emphasis on implementation planning and technology.

The blueprint also explains multiple secure mobile payment processes that can provide customer convenience and lower processing costs.

The blueprint is designed to help retailers answer the following questions:

• How can mobile retailing improve my business?

• What technologies and standards apply in the mobile field?

• What implementation options should be considered?

• What capabilities do mobile phones currently offer?

• What types of mobile applications help consumers shop?

• What are the choices for mobile payment?

• What types of mobile applications help associates be more efficient?

A complimentary copy of the 176-page blueprint is now available through the Mobile Retail Initiative’s Web site at

The mobile blueprint was developed by NRF’s Mobile Blueprint Committee, chaired by Mr. Mader, with vice chairs from Oracle, Smart Card Alliance and CellPoint Mobile.

More than 30 companies representing a diverse group of retailers, service providers and leading mobile association partners contributed to the blueprint.

With the first version of the blueprint available to the industry, the Mobile Retail Initiative will launch a series of initiatives to continue its mission to help the industry adopt global standards in mobile commerce.