Triton- The NEW Blackberry 4G – Coming around in 2012 or so we hear!

Posted on July 29, 2010


Industry analyst, Samir Sakpal thought that the 4G empowered BlackBerry Triton is to land in December, but now we hear could be as late as June 2011 and will be rocking iPhone taunting 5-megapixel rear and front facing cameras.

The Frost & Sullivan analyst says the Triton is expected to offer functionality designed specifically to help it compete with Apple’s iPhone 4. “The word is that they will have features such as a 5.0 megapixel camera with both front and back imaging, similar to the iPhone 4… for videoconferencing,” he goes on to say that “When you have 4G and you know for sure that there will be a lot of data consumed by users… you can expect to drive down your costs with the efficiency of the BlackBerry platform, which can provide optimum usage of data,” Sakpal says. “That’s a crucial advantage for BlackBerry over its competitors, and enterprises will definitely want to take advantage of that.”

The UK is still not 4G savvy yet so don’t expect it to make a massive difference here; but this is still a huge step for RIM and shows that the Canadian company isn’t scared to take on the mighty HTC EVO 4G handset which is seeing huge popularity in the states.

With the rumoured list of capabilities it could take the BlackBerry more into the casual user marketplace as well as keeping its well-earned place as the business handset of choice.

While not much is known about the anticipated device the List of possible features:

Mini Camera on front for Video Chat
High Definition 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera
High Definition Camcorder
High Definition Audio
HD Memory Card
OLED Screen
Multi-Touch Navigation
True GPS
Blackberry App World

Lets just say that you will be able to customize your blackberry as you never have before. There is a potential for the new Blackberry to miss  the December deadline, but no matter, the upgrades will be worth the wait. This also allows RIM to enter a new phase of smartphone business while all the while maintaining (and possibly growing) their enterprise business.

This is a necessary step to counter the inroads that the Windows Phone 7 platform will make as well as the iPhone into enterprise portfolios.

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