Could Arrogance destroy the Apple empire?

Posted on August 2, 2010


First, let me state that I am a fan of Apple products. I bought my first laptop from Apple in the early ’90’s- a MAC 180C. with 180 MB’s of flaming creativity. I loved Hyper text, the UX was incredible and with my floppy disc’s, I could do anything.

Eventually I went on to use MAC’s with audio and video work with Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro. I have over half a dozen MAC’s. I stated this so that no one can say that I am biased against Apple or their strategy in platform development.

I now find myself working in the mobile space, specifically working on the mobile web. I deal with thousands of phone platforms, form factors, screen sizes, operating systems yada- yada- yada. Now, I am dealing with clients that want to incorporate the iPad into their mobile strategy. Really- not tablet form factors- iPad specifically.

Now this is where I have a rub. The infighting about the use of Flash on the iPad is really creating a pain in the ass. There have been small screens in computing, especially overseas, for years. The ability to look at a web site has not been hindered by the smaller (say 7″) LCD screen size. Yeah, its a bit smaller, but it still works fine.

Now I have clients that want to use the iPad and they have Flash integrated into their PC sites and are now needing to develop an iPad APP to get the customer on board.

What a crock!. Great that Apple gets a piece of the action (ALA iTunes), but now a client needs to develop a specific APP for that form factor? Wow- thats arrogance. By restricting the platform, you open up the market to innovators (like Apple once was) to come and meet a market need. Lets not oversell the market share Apple has in terms of total mobile appliances.

Look, HTML5 is not going to be the panacea of success in the next 2 years either- no matter how hard Apple pushes it!

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Just look at the British Empire and what happened to them over time. When a system becomes too top heavy to meet the need of the masses a new system comes online- thats the point.

I guess what I am saying is- Apple, I love your stuff- just don’t get to big in your head and your britches to think that you can’t be knocked off as well.

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