Top 20 brands on Facebook

Posted on August 4, 2010


CGT- Facebook celebrated its 500 millionth active user last week, making it one of the most influential social networking sites in existence today. On average, 200 million people log onto Facebook daily and they stay for an average of 55 minutes. What are they doing? Sharing more than 30 billion pieces of content, like photos, web links, news stories, blog posts and — more than likely — messages about your brand.

Considering social media like Facebook as part of your company’s marketing strategy is crucial for building brand loyalty and can even enable you to shape consumer trends and purchasing habits. Compiled below is a list of the Top 20 food and drink brands on Facebook, courtesy of Famecount and ranked according to the number of total fans on August 2, 2010. Click on the company name to access their Facebook fan pages and learn more about the tactics they deploy to make social media a competitive advantage.

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