Huawei Technologies knows the importance of good connections- just ask Sprint and Motorola

Posted on August 20, 2010


Huawei Technologies knows the importance of good connections. The company is China’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. It makes a broad range of products, including core voice and data switching platforms for communications service providers. Huawei also makes optical networking systems, wireless network infrastructure, corporate networking equipment, and network management and messaging software. Other products include servers and data storage systems, mobile phone handsets, consumer networking equipment, and videoconferencing systems.

Why is this important? Well Sprint is trying to cut a deal with them, Motorola says they steal trade secrets, and in general there is a fear in certain US government circles that doing business with with Huawai Tech may compromise national security.

Now, I can’t speak to the issues surrounding these dealing with Huawai, but I have done a lot of business with the Chinese over the years. The business mind is a little different in China than in the west and I would say- be careful! More to come.

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