Mobile Strategy Pyramid- making sense of a complex space

Posted on August 25, 2010


I have used the above graphic many times to explain how things stack up in the Mobile space.

This pyramid is a graphic representation of how the complex world of mobile interacts together and where the various types of products and services can be placed in importance-

The closer to the foundation of the pyramid the higher the importance in the mobile space. Keep in mind that all the efforts to gain customers doesn’t work in the ROI world if you cannot transact business as a result.

The definitions are as follows-

Mobile web- the same as the internet, just interacted with on a mobile device through a web browser

APP- Product designed to be downloaded to a specific device and only capable of running on that device native OS

CCD- Connective Convergent Device-Mobile internet devices (MIDs), Tablets, E-Book Readers, Netbooks, Smartbooks- fill the gap between smartphones and notebooks

SMS/MMS- Short code messaging (texting)

Hope this helps in any of your discussions about mobile.

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