Opera Mobile Web Report- females accessing the mobile web growth twice that of men

Posted on August 26, 2010


The percentage of women accessing the web has increased 575 percent over the last two years, compared to 233 percent growth among men, according to browser development firm Opera Software’s latest State of the Mobile Web Report. Women now make up 23 percent of mobile web users worldwide, increasing from 12 percent in mid-2008; South Africa boasts the largest segment of female mobile web users at 43.5 percent (up from 24.7 percent two years earlier), followed by the U.S. (35.6 percent, up from 19.4 percent), Russia (32.4 percent, up from 12.5 percent) and the U.K. (31.5 percent, up 16.6 percent). At the opposite end of the spectrum, women comprise just 4 percent of mobile web users in India, followed by Nigeria (5.4 percent), China (11.6 percent) and Vietnam (17.9 percent). From a global perspective, consumers between the ages of 18 and 27 represent the largest segment of Opera Mini browser users, although 26 percent of users in the U.S. are 38 or older.

Total Opera Mini users worldwide topped 62.3 million in July 2010, a 4.8 percent month-over-month increase and a 114.3 percent leap compared to a year ago. Mini users viewed over 29.6 billion pages last month, generating over 445 million MB of data. Page-view growth in the U.S. increased 120.2 percent year-over-year, with page views per unique user now averaging 283. Google remains the most visited mobile website among U.S. subscribers, followed by Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and YouTube.