Eric Schmidt says he wants to own your soul- well maybe not that, but….

Posted on September 7, 2010


Google may just want to own your soul, if thats possible- the way that Archer Daniels Midland wants to own the worlds food supply (and don’t take that note too lightly, especially if you eat corn or use corn related products!).

In a big-picture keynote at Berlin’s IFA home electronics event, Google  CEO Eric Schmidt said Google’s new guiding principle is in serving users automatic search results, all the time, super-quick…

“Our new definition of Google, we’re trying to get you something fast – never underestimate the importance of fast.

“Ultimately, search is not just the web but literally all of your information – your email, the things you care about, with your permission – this is personal search, for you and only for you.

“The next step of search is doing this automatically. When I walk down the street, I want my smartphone to be doing searches constantly – ‘did you know?’, ‘did you know?’, ‘did you know?’, ‘did you know?’.

This notion of autonomous search – to tell me things I didn’t know but am probably interested in, is the next great stage – in my view – of search.”

Now, how soon after the above happens do targeted autogenerated advertising tags start hammering you!

Schmidt also offered some hints and metrics about current and forthcoming products…

—Google TV: Google TV will call up both free and paid web video, including PPV from DISH Cinema, Google TV product marketing manager Brittany Bohnet demonstrated. Android Market on Google TV is coming early in 2011, she said.

—Google Music: “Think about a music player – if it’s not connected to the internet, it just has what’s stored on it; it can’t get the music nearby, it can’t get the latest music. It has to be on the net. The same is true of everything.”

—Mobile: “One in three queries from smartphones is now around where I am. Our mobile search traffic grew 50 percent in the first half of 2010 – it’s growing much quicker than everything else. Search traffic from Android phones tripled in the first half of 2010.”

—YouTube: “Business is doing very well with more than two billion monetized views a week. The number of monetized views is up 50 percent in the last year.”

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