Android 2.2- A.K.A. ‘Froyo’ powers over 28% of all Android OS’

Posted on September 13, 2010


Android 2.2.–a.k.a. ‘Froyo’–now powers 28.7 percent of smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, according to new data issued by the digital services giant. In recent weeks, Android 2.2 (which boasts faster browsing and support for Adobe Flash, among other enhancements) has expanded to devices including HTC’s Evo and Motorola’s Droid and Droid 2–Android 2.1 remains the dominant OS version, powering 41.7 percent of phones. Google adds that 17.5 percent of devices continue to run Android 1.6, with 12.0 percent of units running Android 1.5–just 0.1 percent of Android phones are still running obsolete versions of the OS.

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