Nokia pushes back on competition- “We sell 260K smartphones a day” so there Apple!

Posted on September 15, 2010


London – Finnish mobile company Nokia openly attacked competitors at its annual global conference on Tuesday.

Executive vice-president of Nokia, Niklas Savander, kicked off Nokia World 2010, replacing ousted CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who traditionally hosted the opening keynote at previous Nokia Worlds.

Kallasvuo was controversially replaced with former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop last week. Elop was not able to attend Nokia World 2010.

Said Savander: “Nokia is going through a tough, challenging transition and we have a lot of work to do.” He added that Nokia was committed to moving into a new era, but that it would not do this by emulating the competition.

“We are not going to apologise for the fact that we are not Apple or Google or Samsung or whoever – we are Nokia,” he said. “And we are arguably the most global company in any industry.”

Savandar said that Nokia would continue to follow its strategy of providing a variety of mobile devices instead of focusing on one
product, as Apple does.

“We know that just one device will not satisfy all. Even in the high end, offering people just one model will lead to compromises – whether with the camera, browser, keyboard or the phone itself.

“So we will continue to offer a variety of devices to meet all budgets and requirements. We will also continue to expand the availability of smartphone features because everyone should have access to the internet and modern communications,” he said, referring to developing markets.

Svandar said that Nokia remained the world leader in cellphones, and that the company has sold more smartphones in the last quarter than Apple and Android combined.

“Many misleading numbers invade our industry. 260 000 Nokia smartphones are sold daily,” he said. “There’s a number for you.”

Savandar continued to stab at the competition, pointing out that Nokia is the leader in mobile navigation, “not Google”.

“Nokia devices work, no matter how you hold them,” he said, referring to the Apple antennae problem on the iPhone 4 that affected signal quality depending on how the device is held.

“Nokia is back,” he said.

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