Bloomberg reports that Facebook is working on 2 branded Android smartphones with INQ

Posted on September 23, 2010


So maybe TechCrunch had it right, they usually do, Facebook is probably looking hard at a branded smartphone to release to compete with Apple. Think of this factoid, about a quarter of the 500 million  users of Facebook log in from a mobile device. The face of the future for most companies that deal in electronic transactions.

The real question is- who cares? Its good talk and hey, we can always use another Android phone product out there, but in the end, doesn’t Facebook already occupy a position on every smartphone through an APP or through the browser?

The bigger question is how does this fit into Facebook’s efforts to effectively monetize a half a billion users. This may ultimately be a way to get a piece of the action by becoming a platform and handset company (I mean heck, Apple doesn’t really ‘make’ the iPhone, they just work with companies that do- Foxxcon).

What is interesting to me is how much attention this exploration by Facebook has received. Hopefully they are successful, it makes the Google wars even more fun!

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