Best Buy to create its own Android APP store? Could be!

Posted on October 11, 2010


How many APP stores does it take to make an ecosystem? Well apparently as many as there are stars in the sky- or heading that way.

In the wake of multiple reports indicating online retailer is poised to roll out an Android application storefront to rival Google’s own Android Market as well as efforts like Verizon Wireless’  V Cast Apps, big-box electronics giant Best Buy said it is deliberating whether to launch an Android app store of its own. The Wall Street Journal reports that in response to a question about the Amazon app store, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn said he would consider building one of his own. Best Buy CTO Robert Stephens later clarified Dunn’s comments, stating “We are exploring this concept at this very early stage, but we have no concrete plans at this time. Google, though, is an obvious partner.” Best Buy accounts for close to 20 percent of consumer electronics sales in the U.S. All stores include a Best Buy Mobile kiosk–in addition, the company operates 120 standalone Best Buy Mobile locations across the country, touting a host of carrier services handsets and accessories.


Expect the app store ranks to continue multiplying like rabbits, said Gartner analyst Ray Valdez. “New people will continue to introduce app stores–carrier telcos, device manufacturers, e-commerce sites,” Valdez said. “But it will be like people having a fax machine–it is not a game changer, but just part of doing business.”



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