New report on the state of the Apps Industry

Posted on November 4, 2010


Millennial Media just released their State of the Apps Industry Snapshot for 2010 a survey of over 500 Developers, Publishers and Advertisers in the applications space.

Key findings-

  • Growth in cross-platform development – iPhone remains the number one platform of choice, followed closely by Android, iPad, RIM and Windows Mobile.  Android, iPad, Windows Mobile, and Symbian saw the most significant increases from 2009, as developers continued to diversify away from iPhone to balance their application platforms.
  • Platform diversification to continue – Developers and publishers will continue to diversify their applications strategies in 2011. Android, iPad, and Windows Phone 7 lead the pack among the platforms projected to gain additional support in the coming year.
  • Significant revenue growth expected – Publishers anticipate significant growth in their applications revenue in 2011. A full 31% of those surveyed expect their applications to increase 100% or more in 2011, with another 17% expecting an increase of 50% or more.
  • Networks to help maximize return on investment – 71% of advertisers worked with a network in 2010 (up 12% from 2009) to help further their applications strategies. The top three reasons cited for working with a network were reach, targeting, and cost per download.