Augmented reality comes to Barnes and Noble, featuring Brooklyn Decker!

Posted on January 19, 2011


NYT photo of a promotion for Esquire magazine allows iPhone users to have their picture taken with a virtual image of the model Brooklyn Decker at Barnes & Noble stores

Brooklyn Decker, voted the sexiest women alive by readers of esquire magazine will now appear in 700 Barnes and Nobles locations. Well, kind of. Utilizing the augmented reality plus GPS location based APP developed by Goldrun, a New York based agency, customers can use their iPhone to place themselves into a picture with Ms. Decker and then post to social networks, such as Facebook, etc.

The APP is designed to work up to a 500 feet radius of a GPS zone and allows users to place virtual images within real world spaces using technology. In the case of this marketing effort, Goldrun has set the radius to only 150 feet in the area of the esquire magazine.

Through  other GoldRun marketing efforts, shoppers will be able to virtually try on outfits, take photographs, and post these images to Facebook to create their own personal look books.

A unique approach to location-based marketing, GoldRun combines the visual impact of augmented reality and the precision of GPS to deliver virtual goods, user rewards and interactive advertising in the form of social media games, virtual guides, couponing and loyalty programs.

GoldRun is an augmented reality mobile platform comprised of an app that enables users to locate, interact with and take photos of GPS-linked virtual objects positioned in the real world, coupled with an adaptive and easy to use CMS. Simultaneously a powerful promotional tool and a social network tailored for the mobile environment, the app is designed to drive traffic to physical and online destinations, increase product sales, enhance brand engagement and bolster viral impact.

GoldRun users can take pictures alongside virtual objects and immediately post these photos to Facebook. By helping brands tap into this sharing impulse, the platform turns social networks into even more effective distribution channels as GoldRun users share images of themselves interacting with everything from scenes in blockbuster films, to iconic sports figures and the season’s must have fashion items.

GoldRun’s content management system makes it easy to create and launch runs within days, enabling marketers to quickly produce and modify highly segmented, regionally indexed campaigns. All interactions with AR objects are trackable, allowing the platform to provide detailed analytics on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns.