Dunkin’ Donuts thinks it launched a ‘Mobile Friendly’ site

Posted on April 13, 2011


According to Mobile Commerce Daily, top brand Dunkin’ Donut proudly touts their new ‘Mobile Friendly’ site in an article posted today.

It was interesting to this reader that when the URL of Dunkin’ Donut was entered via mobile web on over 100 phones, the site never pulled anything that remotely resembled a mobile optimized user experience.

This just reinforces the need for any Brand to accept that you cannot push a PC site into the mobile form factors without first designing a new mobile defined site that gets served up when a mobile browser calls on that Brand’s URL. Companies need to get hip to the mobile evolution now!

Marci Troutman responds “We at Siteminis believe in the 2 site strategy, a PC site strategy only does not transfer from the PC to the mobile effectively even on the smartphones. Mobile strategists should take into consideration the global market as well, feature phones completely miss the chance to take advantage of a PC site forced into a mobile experience”