Can SMS help drive sales back from abandoned carts, you bet.

Posted on April 19, 2011


Mobile Commerce Daily put out a great article about use of SMS do drive sales opportunities from abandoned carts.

SMS can also be used to drive a consumer back to a mobile commerce site when that individual has abandoned an item in the shopping cart.

Imagine a consumer sitting on the train and trying to buy something from Steve Madden’s mobile site.

Next thing this consumer knows, it is time to get off and so the item that was about to be purchased is abandoned in-cart.

About an hour or later the consumer is on the bus and gets a message that reminds him that this item is still in the cart. “Click on this link to complete the order.”

“If a user is opts in a retailer can send SMS texts to say there is a value offer to highlight items left on the cart or to say that you might be interested in some related item,” said Steve Timpson, president of Siteminis, Atlanta.

“Develop a strategy around opt in info gathering that allows you to better tailor specific offers to a user,” he said. “Start with offers to get the data first, also, offers don’t necessarily mean discounts.

“You must work to develop strong two-way communications to your user base. It helps create better and more targeted info to a user and helps conversion.”