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Posted on July 27, 2011


Mobile Marketer– “A lot of thought should be put into why to create an iPad app,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of Siteminis, Atlanta.

“There is some uniqueness to the iPad form factor and operating system that can be integrated to enhance the user experience with a brand,” she said

“For example, an iPad app can do wonders to enhance a movie preview, add an extra something to an ad campaign, and bring an interactive experience to a book release or an e-magazine.”

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Facebook. She commented based on her expertise on mobile applications.

FacebookAn HTML5 Facebook platform likely to launch soon

According to several media reports, Facebook is in the midst of rolling out its iPad application – more than a year after the tablet’s release.

Although there has been no word from Facebook or any official announcement, the application is speculated to be released in the coming weeks. Reports are also saying that the iPad app will have key features that its other smartphone apps do not have.

Facebook did not respond to press inquiries.

To iPad or not to iPad
According to media reports, Facebook developers and designers are using the tablet’s features and the app will reportedly let users shoot and upload photos and videos directly from the iPad 2, which has built-in cameras.

Facebook rolling out an iPad app would be a smart move for the company.

Tablets are the future and Apple paved the way with the iPad and now iPad 2.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the tablet – with the release of the iPad 2 in March 2011- more than 15 million iPads had been sold worldwide, although this represents the majority of tablets sold, per Ms. Troutman.

“It is also very important to have a presence on the iPad solely rests on who your consumer is – early adopters of any technology usually have a demographic that would be associated with luxury or hi-tech brands,” Ms. Troutman said.

“The majority of the populace will wait until version 2–4 comes out at a lower price point prior to investing in the technology,” she said. “That being said, having an iPad presence doesn’t necessarily mean an iPad app.

“The iPad does contain the mobile Web well enough to pull open a full browser PC site for browsing and buying, and our software configures for the iPad properly in a way that allows a much more comprehensive view of a mobile commerce experience.”

Consumer demand
There has been a lot of consumer demand for the iPad app.

Currently, consumers can access Facebook’s app on their smartphones or via a mobile browser, but users have been demanding an iPad version – a different experience than the one they would receive from the iPad’s Web browser.

“The iPad is still fairly new to the market, and with Facebook having a presence on most of the other form factors in mobile, the fact that they are just coming out with this just follows the masses and the mentality of ‘wait until the kinks are worked out’ and then build for this,” Ms. Troutman said.

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