Success at Etail – Siteminis and Savvis Get Great Responses

Posted on August 9, 2011


As the first day of the Etail Conference comes to a close in Boston the representatives of both Siteminis and Savvis revel in their successful day.  The new CliqLaunch software being debuted by Siteminis received solid praise from multiple companies’ representatives.  All of whom have expressed their excitement and eagerness to learn more about the software.  The ability to create and launch a customized mobile site that works across all web enabled mobile platforms is certainly a very exciting prospect and one that many companies are finding incredibly appealing and thought provoking.

Jonas Fischer of Collective Intelligence and Jaime Brown of Siteminis

Representatives at the Siteminis - Savvis Booth at Etail in Boston, MA

Day 2 at Etail in Boston! John Martin is explaining Siteminis' new software CliqLaunch.

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