Mobile Commerce Is Booming And SiteMinis Knows Mobile Web!

Posted on November 27, 2011


Mobile Commerce is booming. A blinding flash of the obvious, well at least to that small group of mobile pioneers that set out to make sure that users of mobile devices would have mobile web sites designed for use on that small screen!

Yes, those of us that have been around a while- say over 5 years- have seen a lot change, Mostly we have seen retailers slowly waking up to the fact that virtually all of their customers shop using a mobile device at some point in the shopping process!

This is brought home clearly in the Forrester white paper ‘Market Overview: Mobile-Commerce Solutions For Retail’ release August 4th 2011.

Peter Sheldon does a great job of identifying the current state of mCommerce, the approach to mCommerce that retailers are currently taking and those companies that stand up to the rigors of enterprise grade requirements of moving eCommerce into mCommerce.

I am happy to say the SiteMinis Inc made the grade of the few companies that have real mCommerce solutions.

Sheldon noted that retailers are taking one of four approached to mobile when determining how to deploy mobile engagements.

1- Use the existing eCommerce Platform Vendor

2- Delegate to their Interactive Agencies or Systems Integrators

3- Build in-house

4- Leverage a Mobile Commerce Point Solution

This is Forresters’ first entry into an over view of mobile solutions, so there are some top line viewpoints.

I would suggest that there is a 5th way- Utilize a middle ware company that uses a common coding language (say .NET) to develop and launch the mCommerce needs of your company. SiteMinis is not a singular Point Solution.

The beauty of the SiteMinis approach is that it is entirely flexible to the client needs. Whether a full on total SaaS solution or a migrated mobile web site that resides on the client servers with full access to site coding and deployment, SiteMinis is a full One Stop Mobile Shop.

All SiteMinis enterprise solutions are designed to ensure that mobile data is returned in real time and in harmony with the Internet PC site (no need to manage 2 sites!). Additionally, the SiteMinis delivers a robust User Experience that works on feature phones (say a BlackBerry, etc.) as well as a Smartphone WITH NO DEGRADATION! Check out for example.

Additionally, SiteMinis has launched a new DIY platform called CliqLaunch for large retailers and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Brands- Like Coke or P&G. CliqLaunch allows for instant Mobile web site creation to harmonize with all the marketing campaigns that a brand delivers.

No longer is mobile an after thought to a marketing campaign! CliqLaunch leverages all the companies mobile or Internet assets and deploys sites in minutes, not weeks with the same robustness as the SiteMinis enterprise solution!

Take a look at the Forrester report for great insight into mCommerce and then take a look at SiteMinis for your full mobile web solution partner.

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