How Fast Things Change In The Mobile Space! Kindle Fire A Clear 2nd Choice to iPad 2

Posted on November 28, 2011


Watch out all you tablet makers! The Kindle Fire has taken a giant leap forward in user acceptance! ChangeWave just released a survey that says buyers asked in November what kind of Tablet Device they would buy clearly gave the Kindle Fire a boost in the ratings at 22% affirmative!

Now the iPad still looms out there at 65% surveyed planning to buy the clear leader Apple product, but hey, no other manufacturer has given Apple any kind of run for their money until now.

Now the Nook wasn’t in the survey, so we still don’t know how that factors in, but all other tablets fell a distant third- and as a herd in third!

There can be a lot read into this, but I say the jury is still out. 4th quarter sales and shipped units will tell a fuller story, but the point is- well the Kindle Fire hasn’t been out long and its taken a bite of the Apple.

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