Cyber Monday- Nothing New Except The VOLUME!

Posted on November 29, 2011


Okay, the numbers are almost in for Cyber Monday. 1.2 Billion in sales, up 20% over last year. Almost half of Cyber Monday Shoppers used their mobile device to either buy or research a purchase decision.

The number of transactions on mobile are big and getting bigger. This information has been predicted over 2 years ago and consumer engagement through mobile is pretty well following the trend lines.

I am amazed at the number of retailers or pure plays that still wrestle with how to approach the mobile space. I know companies that were trying to decide last year at this time what to do and still have not done anything about it.

Want to see a real sobering statistic- look at this from marketing , 2 in 5 mobile shoppers penalize a retailer for an unsatisfactory mobile experience. Again, nothing new to those of us that are sheep dipped in the mobile space, but the real question is- when are retailers going to jump in with both feet into the mobile water instead of toe-dipping?

Yes, I have heard it all- Our IT department has it all under control; Our budget won’t support the investment; Our strategy is to just do an iPhone APP; Our systems integration process takes quite a while- yada yada yada!

The real winners are those companies that are defining mobile as a real vertical within their eCommerce or Internet group. Where there is a budget, resources and authority- not just responsibility. Fore warned is fore armed- mobile is only going to get bigger.

Current estimates are that 8.5-percent are actually shopping via phone or tablet- that is actual mCommerce transactions- not including all the usage of a mobile device to enhance the shoppers buying decision. Those are big numbers!

Use internal data to justify the investment- if your PC site is getting 6% or more engagements form a mobile device currently, you better have a plan in place to satisfy those customers with a reasonable brand experience. If the engagement is 10% or greater right now, you better RUN to exploit that customer and quickly, because the consumer will make the choice and vote with their dollar and if you don’t take care of them in mobile cyber space, guess what- someone else will – retail 101.

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