Target Corp Pushes Mobile Commerce During Grammy’s

Posted on February 12, 2012


Mobile Commerce Daily     “With the Grammy’s site being mobilized and an estimated three to four million consumers viewing the site along with an estimated 3,500 tweets per second at certain times throughout the show, the Target commerce-enabled ads make perfect sense with targeting the right demographic with products they will be looking for as and share with social media,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta. Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Target. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Mass merchandiser Target is running mobile commerce-enabled ads to let music fans buy their favorite albums before the upcoming Grammys.

Target is making music sales the focus of the advertising campaign but is also promoting other entertainment-related products. The mobile ads are running on CBS’ mobile Web site.

Mobile tunes
CBS is the network that is broadcasting the 54th Grammy Awards airing on Feb. 12.

Target has bought mobile ad inventory across CBS’ mobile site and Web site.

The ads promote albums from the musicians Adele and The Fray. Each ad features a picture of the artist and encourages users to tap to learn more.

Users who tap on the ads are redirected to Target’s mobile Web site, where they can learn more about the artist and the album.

Consumers can find product inventory by using location

Consumers can choose to either buy the album via the mobile site or find the item in-store. Music fans can type their ZIP code into their mobile device to find a nearby Target location.

Users can also share the albums via email, SMS and Twitter to friends and family.

The ads showcase popular music artists

Consumers can also read user reviews and add the item to their wish lists.

Music to my ears
The Grammy-themed ads are the latest advertising initiative from Target to bolster mobile and in-store sales.

Most recently, Target tapped mobile commerce-enabled ads to give mobile users a sneak peek at an upcoming three-day sale (see story).

The Target ads are an example of a mobile ad campaign that ties well with a publisher’s content.

Target is a sponsor of the Grammy Awards and with CBS airing the awards show, it makes sense for the retailer to place ads across CBS’ digital properties.

Additionally, by making the ads commerce-enabled, Target is able to capitalize on users who are likely interested in discovering and buying new music.

Adele is speculated to be a big winner at the Grammy Awards with six nominations, marking an opportunity for Target to drive sales of the album leading up to the show.

The ads for The Fray promote the band’s new album that is not available in-stores yet, which gives music fans an incentive to pre-order the album via mobile.

“If the mobile Web is properly set up, commerce from the PC site will be identical on the mobile Web with up-to-the minute pricing and promotions, along with a larger reach and frequency to the consumer audience,” Ms. Troutman said.

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