SiteMinis Joins Google Commerce Search Reseller Program

Posted on February 15, 2012


Agreement Extends Google’s New Google Commerce Search for Mobile to SiteMinis’ Growing Customer Base

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SiteMinis, a mobile website technology platform and services provider, today announced a joint venture with Google that will enable SiteMinis to offer mobility-enabled customized search components for mobile specific sites. Based on this agreement, Google also will leverage SiteMinis’ technology to extend mobile web solutions to its customers.

SiteMinis enterprise solution answers a specific need in the marketplace; with cross platform branding allowing mobile web APPs to be launched using 90+ % of the iPhone / Android APP components on the mobile web.

“SiteMinis has helped many companies extend their brand by taking their websites to all web-enabled mobile devices without a brand reduction,” said Marci Troutman, CEO and founder of SiteMinis. “This venture with Google allows us to offer a better search option to each of our customers that can leverage the Google Commerce Search experience most companies already have in place.”

As the number of consumers on the mobile web browser grows and continues to evolve, it only makes smart business sense to allow these mobile consumers to search with ease through their mobile experience the same way they are able to on their PC experience. This relationship couples the UX of an APP experience into the mobile web experience with defined search parameters for each customer.

SiteMinis will add the Google search component to their list of products 1Q2012.

About SiteMinis

Atlanta-based SiteMinis, Inc. offers one of the only mobile website platforms that can be deployed across every Web-enabled cell phone and all popular smartphone operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia, Blackberry, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile without a reduction in quality of the user experience. SiteMinis develops and integrates profitable mobile e-commerce and informational Web sites that simplify the IT deployment and brand design issues faced by companies doing business on the Internet today. The firm provides M-Commerce technology and consulting services that radically improve, simplify and increase a company’s mobile marketing and branding exposure to attract and engage mobile consumers.

Reach and Frequency is the key while retaining your brand. The mobile web company. For more information, visit

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