Make The Most of mCommerce Opportunities- 5 Tips

Posted on March 4, 2012


Mobile Commerce Daily– There is a real opportunity in mcommerce

There’s no longer a doubt as to whether or not mobile commerce will take off. The question now is how to make the most of the mcommerce opportunity.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s GiselleTsirulnik interviewed MarciTroutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta, who provided 5 tips for retailers and brands looking to make the most of their mcommerce experience.

Here is what she said:

1. Most importantly, make sure your products are easy to access with multiple ways to land your customers on the shop portion of the site. This can be done via search functionality within the site, promotions front and center on pages that are clickable to the buy-now option and navigation that allows easy views of what categories are being offered, with quick efficient click throughs.

2. Use social media. Add a “like” option next to every product. The social networks help users share their favorite products with their friends for an instant viral effect that can be extremely powerful.

3. Imagery is very important in mobile commerce. Make sure that images are clear and crisp, and add a “share” option, with a click through to the product page for an instant purchase.

4. Ensure that when using mobile landing pages on a mobile ad click-through (or email, text, QR) that there is a very clear action happening on the page. Mobile landing pages are such a great way to get in front of customers by a one-click action that allows commerce instantly. Additionally, take advantage of mobile marketing. This brings us to landing pages again. Be sure to have a great landing page/micro site linking all marketing efforts the brand produces to the brand’s digital assets with a strong mobile call-to-action.

5. Use SMS and scannable codes to integrate mobile into marketing efforts. Make your marketing portable and shareable.

With 64 percent of holiday mobile shoppers claiming they will use their device to shop in 2012, the opportunity is obviously there. And, with 33 percent of retailers now operating some mobile channel, it is obvious that retailers are embracing the opportunity.

Now it is important for retailers to differentiate themselves and Ms. Troutman’s tips are an effective way to do so.

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