What eTailers are talking about, eTail West 2012

Posted on March 5, 2012


Thanks Denise, great view of eTail west!

Tech for Human Kind – eTail West was held this past week in Palm Springs. What are eTailers thinking? What products are worth looking at?

Social Media

Experts discussed and analyzed just how to really reach consumers via social media, none having clear vision. Enter Hearsay Social these folks have the right idea. Hearsay Social helps companies engage their customers, protect their brand and easily publish social media content. Protecting your brand is not simple in the social media age. Don’t be like Pizza Hut, stop the videos before they go viral by using Hearsay Social.

Data Data Data

Many Vendors focused on consumer data and targeting; a few had compelling offerings. Keynotes and panel discussions revolved around the ability to collect raw data and create value by using the data for real time engagements so as to avoid cart abandonment. In this space Steelhouse is a power house. Steelhouse platform churns through data with analytics that can enable flash sales, give real time offers, retarget consumers, and really so much more.


eTailers are trying to look where the consumer eyeballs are looking to buy. That means one thing, mobile devices. Mobile is yet to score super sales now but the game will change soon given the right tools. Siteminis was the most impressive mobile vendor, by far. Users can easily create and distribute multiple page mobile websites and QR codes without IT intervention. This SAAS service allows companies to be quick on their feet. If you feel like your mobile offering is weighing you down take a look at Siteminis.

It looks like 2012 may not be #endoftheworld, so check out these three vendors if you want to be ready for the future.

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