Spotify Joins Google’s Android

Posted on July 31, 2012


Spotify has updated its Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android application to support free streaming radio, giving consumers access to unlimited music on the go.

“I think that Spotify made a smart decision by offering commercial free listening on both the iPhone and android operating systems”, said Randy Ferree, Account Manager of SiteMinis.

“First of all, the value add of customizable, unlimited, free music play is almost immeasurable. So offering a phone that comes with that type of service automatically gives both android and iPhone a serious leg up against the competition (as if they didn’t already have that). Also, this serves as a real life illustration of the mobile battle that’s going on between the Android and iPhone operating systems. Neither one wants to provide less value to their existing and potential customers than the other.”

“I also found it ver interesting that the average spottily user spends over 100 minutes per day on the site/within the app! Even though Spotify is offering “commercial free” listening in the traditional sense, there is still always room for banner ads while songs are playing. These ads don’t interrupt the song play in any way while still offering companies a way to get a short brand message to the listeners.”

“The best way for spottily to capitalize on the time spent on the network is to provide its advertisers with a way to deliver an engaging and informative brand/promotional message once the banner ads are tapped. This needs to be done through mobile micro sites that live on the mobile web. This will enable users to click on the banner ads, interact with engaging material, and ultimately participate in a clear call to action”, he said.

Spotify previously added free streaming radio to its Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and iPad apps in mid-July–in the past, only premium Spotify subscribers could access the service’s 16 million songs via mobile device, although paid subscribers will continue to enjoy commercial-free listening.

All Android device owners may also create unlimited streaming radio stations from single tracks, playlists, albums or artists. Users can personalize stations by voting songs up or down, with selections given the thumbs up saved to a “Liked from Radio” playlist on the desktop.

Spotify for Android supports free streaming for mobile.

Spotify is available in 13 countries and touts more than 15 million active users, including 4 million premium subscribers. During a keynote appearance at the recent CTIA Wireless 2012 event, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said users listen to an average of 100 minutes a day and have created more than 700 million playlists. He added that Spotify services have generated more than $250 million in payments back to the music industry, noting that more than 500 million consumers worldwide still listen to music across various illegal services and sites.