First Local Broadcast TV Phone: Samsung Out / Dyle In

Posted on August 8, 2012


Article By: Jason Ankeny

MetroPCS will roll out the Dyle mobile digital TV service via Samsung Electronics’ forthcoming Galaxy S Lightray 4G smartphone, reportedly slated for release later this month.

“I think that this is a huge step for mobile adoption.  Now, the major media players such as NBC CBS and ABC can stream their content directly to mobile users wherever they are.  Now mobile users can stay up to date on the news, live sporting events, and their favorite shows while away from their television.  With the mobile applications like Netflix and Hulu Plus getting the positive traction that they have, the cable companies see the value of reaching the mobile market.  Look for more channels to reach out to mobile programming in the future”, said Aaron Zeanah, Account Manager at SiteMinis, Atlanta. reports the Dyle website leaked information confirming that the Galaxy S Lightray 4G will preload its service, which brings together content from all four major networks as well as local programming from 18 broadcast groups. The Galaxy S Lightray 4G, which runs version 2.3 of Google’s Android mobile operating system, touts LTE support as well as an 8-megapixel main camera and front camera alongside an extendable antenna enabling Dyle reception.

Sources subsequently confirmed MetroPCS’s plans to Phone Scoop, adding the carrier will offer Dyle service for free through the end of the year but may begin charging for access in 2013. MetroPCS declined to comment; all related information on the Dyle website has since been removed.

Mobile Content Venture, a coalition spearheaded by broadcasting giants including NBC, Fox and Cox Media Group, first launched the Dyle effort in 2010. Dyle will offer digital mobile TV content through more than 90 stations in 35 U.S. markets, reaching 55 percent of the nationwide population. Earlier this year, MetroPCS confirmed it will preload Dyle on Samsung devices, leveraging ATSC-Mobile technology to deliver live programming to subscribers. MetroPCS is the first (and so far only) wireless service provider committed to offering Dyle.

Mobile Content Venture also is partnering with consumer electronics firm Elgato on a tuner dongle and corresponding software to extend Dyle services to devices running Apple’s iOS.

Half of U.S. consumers would consider viewing programs on their smartphones and tablets according to a recent Mobile Content Venture survey. Sixty-seven percent of respondents would watch more television content if they could view it live on their mobile devices wherever they go, and 61 percent said they would be somewhat or very likely to switch mobile operators to get access to mobile TV services.

Asked by Mobile Content Venture what they want from live mobile TV services, 81 percent cited local news and weather, followed by movies (79 percent), national news (75 percent), sitcoms (69 percent) and sports (66 percent). Asked why they want mobile TV access, 85 percent of respondents are looking to kill time while waiting, 76 percent want entertainment while in transit, 74 percent hope to entertain their kids in the car, 63 percent desire an additional TV at home and 53 percent are looking to stay connected at live sporting events.