A Wonderful Use Case In Mobile Advertising via Bobbi Brown

Posted on October 26, 2012


     Mobile is a new frontier.  Many of the what’s, when’s, and how’s are still being figured out by large companies.  Advertising within the mobile web space is one of the biggest elephants in the room that companies face.  They see the potential but have a hard time fully realizing it.  

     Bobbi Brown provides a wonderful use case.  The message – “Come check out our new store in Grand Central Station” is short, precise, and direct.  Better yet, when you click on the advertisement it takes you to the Facebook page where it tells you about the store and how to get there using your geo-location.  No confusion, the messages line up with the landing pages, and there is nothing lost in transition between clicks.  On top of that, by bringing customers to your Facebook page gives them the opportunity to easily share it with their friends.  That’s how you do it, folks.  


Davis Wood, Senior Account Manager, SiteMinis Inc


Bobbi Brown taps mobile advertising to promote new store

By Rimma Kats


October 25, 2012

Bobbi Brown


Estee Lauder’s Bobbi Brown is using mobile advertising to promote its new Grand Central Station location and drive consumers to it.

The company is running the mobile campaign within Pandora’s iPhone application. Bobbi Brown has been ramping up its mobile efforts over the past few months to better reach on-the-go consumers.

“The mobile campaign Bobbi Brown has done to drive traffic is clear, concise and gives an enticing reason for consumers to click the ad,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta.

“The campaign is very well done utilizing one click to drive geo targeted traffic directly into their location for a very specific purpose that consumers will be interested in – also utilizing the landing page to gain more likes on Facebook,” she said. 

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Bobbi Brown. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Bobbi Brown did not respond to press inquiries.

Bobbi Brown is running audio and expandable ads to drive consumers to its new location.

The ad lets consumers get directions to the new Grand Central Station store, as well as further interact with the company via Facebook.

For example, when consumers tap on the mobile ads, they are redirected to the company’s Grand Central Station Facebook page where they can get directions, Like the page, call the store and check out photos.

By using mobile advertising, Bobbi Brown is able to reach tech-savvy consumers.

Not only is the campaign interactive, but it is also targeted.

By offering features such as directions and a click-to-call feature, Bobbi Brown is ensuring that consumers visit its location.

Past efforts
Bobbi Brown is no stranger to mobile.

In April, the company rolled out a mobile commerce-enabled site that incorporated social media and videos to let shoppers buy their favorite cosmetic products.

Most recently, Bobbi Brown encouraged consumers to buy its cosmetics via the company’s new mobile site through an interactive advertising campaign.

The company ran mobile banner ads within Pandora’s iPhone application (see story).

“Overall this is a perfect example of what mobile marketers should follow,” she said.