Victoria’s Secret Steps Up Mobile Advertising by Integrating Twitter

Posted on October 31, 2012


     Victoria’s Secret is in the middle of a new mobile advertising effort for its new Pink tunic hoodie and is using a very unique approach.  The company is using a Twitter hashtag #WEARNOW to see what other consumers have to say about the new hoodie, as well as have a dialogue with the company itself.  

     The Twitter effort is in addition to a well done mobile advertising effort in and of itself.  The ad, which appears in US Magazine’s mobile site, provides a clear call to action and subsequent landing page.  There is no breakage, no hassle in trying to find what you clicked for, just easy shopping.  That’s the way mobile advertising should be.  

     Davis Wood, Senior Account Manager, SiteMinis Inc


Victoria’s Secret takes mcommerce efforts up a notch with Twitter integration



October 30, 2012

Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to mobile advertising and has continually used the medium in past initiatives to drive sales. For its new campaign, the retailer stepped up its game by using Twitter and further driving awareness for its new products.

The mobile advertising campaign is running within Us Magazine’s mobile site. Victoria’s Secret has heavily relied on mobile over the past couple of years and is continuing to use emerging technologies to drive in-store traffic and sales.

“The Victoria’s Secret mobile ad for buying the new Pink hoodie is executed perfectly for one very specific action that has a click to show the product and a click to the Victoria’s Secret mobile-optimized site, directly landing the consumer on the product within the site for an add to bag and purchase,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta.

“There isn’t a need for the consumer to search for the product once they arrive at the mobile site, and the ad is extremely clear with a mobile optimized landing page,” she said.

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Victoria’s Secret. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.


Victoria’s Secret did not respond to press inquiries.

Mobile shopping
The Victoria’s Secret mobile ad reads “What we’re wearing now. Shop the new tunic hoodie.”

When consumers tap on the mobile ad, they are redirected to a mobile landing page where they can learn more about the new product, as well as use the hashtag #WEARNOW to not only see what others have to say about the product, but continue a dialogue with the company.

By using Twitter, the company is building up its social media presence and is not taking the traditional route – solely using Facebook to increase “Likes.”

Additionally, the mobile ad takes consumers to Victoria’s Secret’s mobile site, where they can shop the latest hoodies, as well as other products.

Through the mobile site, consumers can also browse their shopping bag, find the nearest location and check out current offers.

Past efforts
Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to mobile.

Last year, the company ran targeted ads that let fashion-savvy shoppers buy and learn more about the company’s products (see story).

This year, Victoria’s Secret incorporated video, social media and location in an effort to drive in-store traffic and sales (see story).

“Marketers take note: Banner ad > landing page > buy – this is how mobile ad’s should be done when promoting a new single product line – not confusing the consumers with extras that aren’t needed or distracting from the direct action will allow for a great use case and statistics to prove ROI on the ad spend,” Ms. Troutman said.