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Mobile Marketers – Listen to Your Customers (They’re Always Right!)

November 29, 2012


Recent consumer surveys have found that there is room for improvement in the mobile sector.  According to the 2012 U.S. AdReaction Report from Millward Brown, there is a significant gap in what they want out of the mobile sector (apps, mobile web, advertising) and what marketers are putting out.  The good news is that its still […]

For online retail traffic, its the rise of mobile and fall of the pc

November 27, 2012


     This reporter has made the prediction (not exactly going out on a limb) that mobile will be a bigger and bigger part of the holiday shopping experience as the years go on.  As it turns out, judging by the recently released numbers reported by Mobile Marketer, that prediction was right on the money. […]

Mobile is Key for the Two Biggest Shopping Days of the Holiday Season

November 20, 2012


More and more quotes, opinions, and studies are coming out that are supporting the same thing – mobile is going to be a big player this holiday season.  This especially applies to arguably the two biggest individual shopping days of the season in Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Forgetful husbands and boyfriends shopping on Christmas Eve was […]

Exciting Times for the Mobile Web

November 16, 2012

0 The above link is a short sizzle reel that highlights the capabilities and features of the CliqLaunch 2.0 platform that SiteMinis recently released.  CliqLaunch will be a major player in changing the landscape for Mobile Web and how it is done. SiteMinis, the Mobile Web Company, has recently launched its much anticipated CliqLaunch 2.0 […]

Walmart Expecting Big Numbers for Mobile During Holiday Season

November 9, 2012


     Over the next few months we will be bombarded with a plethora of forecasts (and subsequent data reports) for the impact that mobile will have this holiday season.  How’s this for a big forecast – Walmart expects 40% of its online traffic this holiday season to be from mobile.  It doesn’t take a […]

Mobile Ads – Growing Slower Than Expected But Not For Long

November 5, 2012


     Mobile ad spending growth has been slower than expected for two main reasons.  Adoption and full understanding of the capabilities and functions of mobile ads have not fully been mastered, as the resources put in by companies for advertising are only a fraction of the equivalent of what consumers spend on mobile web. […]

Superstorm Sandy Could Prove to be Excellent Case Study for Mobile Emergence

November 1, 2012


     15-20% of the disaster relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy are expected to come via mobile.  When you add that with the preventative and safety mobile efforts that were taken before before the storm I think that there is an excellent case that can be made about how integral mobile is in our lives.     […]