Exciting Times for the Mobile Web

Posted on November 16, 2012



The above link is a short sizzle reel that highlights the capabilities and features of the CliqLaunch 2.0 platform that SiteMinis recently released.  CliqLaunch will be a major player in changing the landscape for Mobile Web and how it is done.

SiteMinis, the Mobile Web Company, has recently launched its much anticipated CliqLaunch 2.0 Platform.  This enterprise grade platform brings a fresh, exciting, and user friendly element to mobile content creation that has not been seen before.  The CliqLaunch platform is able to put the design and creation aspects of a robust mobile website into the hands of the marketers, thereby freeing up IT to focus on other relevant interests.  No tech or coding knowledge is necessary.  Furthermore, the time that it takes to publish and take a site live has been dramatically reduced from several weeks to a few minutes.

The QR Code Generator allows users to breathe life into in-store signs and marketing posters.  Scan the physical signs and let it take the consumer to a designated landing page – creating an interactive experience.  You will be able to interact with the consumer without being there, which is becoming a huge part of mobile as more and more people use their mobile phones while they shop in stores.

CliqLaunch is the only DIY mobile platform that is coded for mobile cross platform on 95% of the mobile devices globally.  The technology automatically adapts the presentation to the mobile device so the optimum user experience can be enjoyed on every mobile device.  Interactive and user friendly websites are no longer reserved for the smartphones.

Users can also let built-in analytics tie into the QR Code Generator to give a company localized marketing knowledge of who is buying, viewing, and scanning from where.  What’s better – Cliqlaunch ties into a company’s own analytics programs if they already have a preferred analytics tool.

Davis Wood, Senior Account Manager, SiteMinis Inc