SiteMinis Continues to Grow Mobile in the Classroom Initiative Going on Semester Three with Great Feedback from Ball State, University of Tennessee, Michigan State, Western Michigan and Others

Posted on April 22, 2013


Following the American Academy of Advertising’s conference, the buzz on incorporating mobile into the syllabuses for classes is exciting

ATLANTA, Apr 10, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SiteMinis, a mobile web App technology platform and services provider, today announced an initiative to partner with universities globally, to enable professors of Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, PR and other courses to incorporate a real time asset of adding mobile into the class environment through use of the CliqLaunch Platform.

“Enabling students to build and deploy mobile sites in real time and make changes on the fly allows students to deploy and test on mobile with an App for mobile web. Not needing a developer to deploy a site/App, which hasn’t been accessible to date, is a very real asset not only for a student’s portfolio, but also for learning the asset of A/B testing on mobile with ease of use.”

“SiteMinis has offered their CliqLaunch Platform to the universities as this helps further the mobile discussions in class and benefits the overall market with students entering the workforce with an added knowledge of how to integrate mobile,” said Marci Troutman, CEO and founder of SiteMinis. “Partnering with these Universities makes sense as it can be global, the professors have free reign to have as many users and as many sites as they would like and can incorporate the benefits of mobile to their classes with ease.”

“Faculty members in the programs of advertising, communication, journalism and marketing at eight universities in the U.S. formed a partnership with an Atlanta, GA-based firm to bring the latest mobile technology into the classroom. Through the partnership, SiteMinis, Inc. made its flagship product Cliqlaunch available to the students in the courses that are taught by these faculty members, along with video demos for each class and dedicated customer support from SiteMinis. SiteMinis also created a Facebook group as a venue for knowledge sharing among the students and faculty members,” said Hairong Li, Ph.D., Professor of Advertising, Michigan State University.

“This partnership and resulting instructional innovations have helped build an active learning environment for the students and answers some fundamental issues that are challenging today’s educators, such as how to introduce the latest digital technologies into the classroom effectively, how to better meet the “trial and error” learning style of this generation of students, how to customize our instruction to meet individual needs of each student, and how to narrow the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what is needed in the ever changing mobile marketplace.”

Click here “” to view a video from Courtney Childers, Courtney Carpenter Childers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Advertising; THE UNIVERSITY of TENNESSEE, discussing UT’s success incorporating mobile into the classroom.

“The next generation of mobile technology leaders is being created thanks to SiteMinis and its innovative mobile web development platform. In mobile learning today it’s all about hands-on experience for students. That’s what the professionals at SiteMinis provide,” said Michael Hanley, Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Mobile Media Research at Ball State University and Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Mobile Marketing.

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