Mobile explosion will force advertisers to embrace new consumer centric model

Posted on May 7, 2013


Advertisers today must design a multi- pronged approach to leverage mobile to reach objectives now and in the immediate future. Mobile consumers as a channel are only increasing every day across the globe. Many brands struggle with a new ‘consumer centric’ strategy vs a more traditional ‘brand centric’ approach. This simply means that  the hub is now the consumer- digesting brand information when they want it, how they want it and where they want it. the spokes are those tangible methods that link to the brand.

This requires new thinking as well as new competencies and skill sets.

Advertising graduates entering the workforce today need to be equipped with a full understanding of how to engage the consumer using the adopted new technologies – most important- mobile interactions.

What are some of the new things that an advertiser must deal with that were not on the radar screen even 5 years ago?

Consumer behavior across multiple screens for one- Consumers digest and ingest media across a growing number of devices- or screens. Be it TV, Tablet, Notebook, PC, or phone. The need to carry an advertising message in a time and location continuum across these different devices requires new approaches in advertising

Mobile is now a full funnel channel and not just an ‘add-on’ to advertising strategies. The contextual nature of mobile gives advertisers and marketers a real opportunity to know and understand their customers.

Mobile is the new big data opportunity to parse consumers and their behavior. A key understanding of the consumer mobile behavior, coupled with an understanding of the intimacy of the mobile device to the consumer and delivering relevant, close to real-time calls to action will make significant differences in the conversion rates and ROI in advertising.

New rules for the business must be created. For example, the use of scan codes for improved consumer store experiences must be determined and consistently acted on.

Mobile can extend the brand beyond a purchase. Mobile content must be included to captivate the entire consumer journey. Mobile allows for new ways to launch products and services as well as enhancing existing consumer touch points with the brand.