Dollar General approaches mobile from a customers perspective- a 360 degree viewpoint

Posted on May 8, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.39.17 AMDollar General has brought mobile into the company’s everyday marketing and advertising process. No longer is mobile just a ‘check the box’ effort whereby mobile is a hit or miss proposition to the consumer.

If you think about it, there are only three ways to increase a retailers sales- get a customer to shop more often, get the customer to put more in the basket, or get new customers to shop with you. DG has recognized that mobile is a critical channel that will positively effect these three metrics.

The subtle change is that DG has made the customer more the center of brand engagement versus the brand. This is the way progressive retailers are beginning to manage customer relationships. Leveraging the technology that consumers have adopted – the mobile phone- to more effectively market the brand.

DG is using APP’s, Mobile web and Mobile In-store engagements and using acquisition tactics through eMail, text, social medias and QR codes attached to print advertising and store signage to create a 360 degree consumer mobile experience. The control of consumer mobile touch points ensures better, more relevant calls to action, delivering value through mobile that the customer demands.

One key way that Dollar General is able to accomplish this effort is by using a mobile web content delivery platform called CliqLaunch.

CliqLaunch provides clients the tools to attract and engage new customers through an innovative and cost effective revenue stream. The CliqLaunch platform is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that not only allows a company to make the PC to Mobile transition, but also allows for marketing efforts to be deployed on the mobile web without the need for IT to be involved. The platform is a scalable cloud based SaaS environment or can be migrated to a client based server environment.

CliqLaunch benefits include: 1) Mobile content creation and delivery in hours not weeks. 2) CliqLaunch easily fits within existing platforms. 3) The platform empowers marketing and advertising (including the use of the platform by a brand’s external mobile marketing firms). 4) Easy to use AND Reuse- rapid prototyping and deployment exceptional for marketing and advertising needs. 5) Low cost threshold to get started. 6) CliqLaunch allows experimentation without risk.

The flexibility of CliqLaunch makes mobile a part of every advertising and marketing plan. The ability to not only control mobile content, but change it in real time as consumer analytics dictate is a requirement for companies to excel past the old ways of thinking about consumer brand experience and leap forward to where customers are currently experience the brand at the end of the sales cycle- predominantly through a handheld device.