Internet of Products

Posted on October 30, 2015


IMG_1583Food for thought- IoT Internet of Things.

Kevin Ashton first coined the term in 1999 while working at the Auto-ID Labs (originally called Auto-ID centers – referring to a global network of RFID connected objects).

I just visited the Mobility Live conference in Atlanta GA where this was a moderated panel for discussion- Marci Troutman moderated.

The panel had Simon Hunt (CIO Intel), Andrew Hopkins (Managing Director Accenture), and Bill Brown (Stanley, Black and Decker)

It dawned on me that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the IoT. Potentially the biggest game changing technological impact to our everyday lives in the next 30 years.

First, this writer believes that IoT should really be defined as IoP- the Internet of Products, less confusing to most people talked to about the term, but that being said- here are some simple drawdowns from this week in conference for your comments.

The IoT is requisite on 5 things, broken into 2 groups:

Group 1 – The reason for being-


Effectively integrate chips that deliver information to and from physical objects.


How and why people use these products – (behavioral parameters). Keep in mind- Chips that talk to Chips in products in systems, that may be classified as M2M, still have human  end users along the chain.


Where people (or systems) use products.

Group 2 – Data-

4-The collection and aggregation and understanding of the data:

Huge amounts of data that have to be reported and mined to reap a benefit -One of the Key needs of big data.

5- Camaraderie of systems:

Meaning that devices and data need to talk to each other across multiple ecosystems to derive the most optimal and effective information for the benefit of the users.