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Microsoft to acquire Canesta a small Silicon Valley company that specializes in gesture-recognition technology

October 30, 2010


(NYT) Microsoft said on Friday that it was buying Canesta, a small Silicon Valley company that specializes in gesture-recognition technology. Interest in this technology has surged because it lets people control computers and other devices through hand movements and other bodily gyrations, in similar fashion to the systems depicted in futuristic films like “Minority Report.” […]

Windows Phone 7 v. iPhone iOS4- Did Microsoft bring a gun to a gun fight?

October 14, 2010


This commentator has seen the Windows phone 7 and this commentator has expressed a view that Microsoft cannot be counted out of the mobile space. Microsoft is a big gun, so is Apple and the adoption of the new mobile technologies is unpredictable, but this much is certain- The ability to create software that is […]

Microsoft Phone 7, how will it impact the market and competitors such as Nokia and RIM?

October 12, 2010


There are some interesting points in this article. First is the amount of development that will have to be done to ensure all the old Windows Mobile Apps can work on the Phone 7 platform. The next question is how RIM will respond (Triton 4G?) as well as Nokia, although Nokia is betting a lot […]

Windows Phone 7 launches today in NYC

October 11, 2010


Windows Phone 7 will be a cornerstone of our portfolio” says Microsoft in the unveiling of the new Windows Phone 7 today in New york. The first Windows Phone 7 out of the chute: The LG Quantum. A landscape QWERTY phone. Second, the HTC Surround, with a slide out dolby speaker. The Surround has a […]

Microsoft and Adobe leadership meet secretly to talk- I wonder what about!

October 8, 2010


A couple of years ago Microsoft was looking hard at Adobe, but things just didn’t work out. Oh how the times are a’changin! With the rift between Apple and Adobe (see Steve Jobs article about Adobe on Mobile redirect Archives), it seems that the timing (and the government) might be more flexible this time around. […]

Microsoft announces international expansion of Zune, their music and video entertainment service

September 22, 2010


Whoever discounts Microsoft in the mobile space will probably be wrong. kind of like those that thought Dewey won over Truman in the US presidential election of 1948.  The  New York Times declared, “Thomas E. Dewey’s Election as President is a Foregone Conclusion.”  Top pollsters predicted a Dewey win, as did leading national political writers.  […]

Take a peak! Microsoft will launch its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, on 11 October 2010

September 10, 2010


Rumours abound, but the web site Pocket-lint says that they have confirmed the Redmond-based company will use New York as the global stage for the launch, which will be beamed around the world. Although none of our sources were prepared to be named, all are senior figures within the industry that we know and trust. […]