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CTIA works to get F.C.C. involvement to tighten up regulations on cellular signal boosters

November 18, 2010


You have to love how the carriers protect the airwaves for us! CTIA works to get F.C.C. involvement to tighten up regulations on cellular signal boosters sold for home use. In fact, CTIA wants the carriers to control this market. (NYT) When Sean Kirkland, an executive vice president for sales and marketing for a company […]

Newly defined 4G standard will not change carrier plans to market WiMax and LTE or others which do not qualify

November 5, 2010


Time to bone up on your 4G standards, or not. The newly defined 4G standard may become a meaningless marketing tool and the consumer is the one left in the dark. Truth in advertising watch out! On Thursday, October 21st, 2010 the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) announced it had finished its assessment of […]

Nokia is not just about an operating platform- its also about people

November 2, 2010


This article from the Times accentuates the impact mobile has on every day lives. More over, it shows to this commentator, that the death of Nokia is somewhat over exaggerated. The issue of Nokia survival is not just about their current OS or the life expectancy of Symbian, but also about the general business strategy […]

Nintendo is betting large on their new 3DS game machine that goes on sale in Japan in February, and in March for Europe and the U.S. Social gaming may never be the same!

October 30, 2010


(WSJ)  TOKYO—The headline feature of Nintendo Co.’s forthcoming 3DS portable videogame system is the ability to play 3-D games without the need for eyewear, but it is the device’s ability to locate other players that may prove critical to its success. Nintendo’s 3DS game machine goes on sale in Japan in February, and in March […]

Acer to launch multiple tablet devices in NYC November 23rd.

October 29, 2010


This is just the beginning of what will be a full 3 months of tablet launches (look at CES in January!). IDG News Service – Acer plans to launch “multiple” tablet devices at an event in New York on Nov. 23, with different OSes and multiple form factors, the company’s CEO said Friday. The market […]

NY Judge tells LimeWire to disable their software- Fairwell LimeWire-

October 27, 2010


(NYT) A federal judge in New York issued an injunction on Tuesday that will essentially shut down LimeWire, the big music file-sharing service that has been mired in a four-year legal struggle with the music industry. The case has already resulted in the company and its founder being found liable for potentially hundreds of millions […]

Sprint Selects Openwave to Power New Browser-VAS Ecosystem Solving Fragmentation Challenges for Developers (read cross platform solution)

October 26, 2010


(Release) Openwave Systems Inc. a global software innovator delivering context-aware mediation and messaging solutions, today announced that Sprint has selected Openwave’s Integra technology to deploy a new ecosystem of enhanced services within the browser.   The Sprint Browser-VAS (value-added services) ecosystem powered by Openwave will provide developers the tools they need to develop apps and value-added […]