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Newly defined 4G standard will not change carrier plans to market WiMax and LTE or others which do not qualify

November 5, 2010


Time to bone up on your 4G standards, or not. The newly defined 4G standard may become a meaningless marketing tool and the consumer is the one left in the dark. Truth in advertising watch out! On Thursday, October 21st, 2010 the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) announced it had finished its assessment of […]

Nokia is not just about an operating platform- its also about people

November 2, 2010


This article from the Times accentuates the impact mobile has on every day lives. More over, it shows to this commentator, that the death of Nokia is somewhat over exaggerated. The issue of Nokia survival is not just about their current OS or the life expectancy of Symbian, but also about the general business strategy […]

White House Council Launches Interagency Subcommittee on Privacy & Internet Policy

October 27, 2010


(White House Blog) – As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to promoting the vast economic opportunity of the Internet and protecting individual privacy, the National Science and Technology Council has launched a new Subcommittee on Privacy and Internet Policy. Populated by representatives from more than a dozen Departments, agencies and Federal offices, and co-chaired by the […]

Aro Mobile wants to simplify mobile phone UX

October 26, 2010


(NYT)  For many people, their mobile phones often double as a second brain. But efficiently searching through that reservoir of information to quickly locate contacts, upcoming events and addresses is still time-confusing and often frustrating. Is there an opportunity to reinvent the way people find things on their phones? Kiha Software, based in Seattle, is […]

New software called ‘Blade’ short for Block All Drive-By Download Exploits is browser-independent and designed to eliminate all drive-by malware installation threats

October 11, 2010


Although not specific to mobile- yet, these types of security software solutions will eventually migrate to mobile (ScienceDaily and Ga Tech) Insecure Web browsers and the growing number of complex applets and browser plug-in applications are allowing malicious software to spread faster than ever on the Internet. Some websites are installing malicious code, such as […]

Steve Jobs thoughts on Flash and Adobe

September 22, 2010


This is a bit dated (April 2010) from Steve Jobs, however I was at a Wireless Technology Forum event in Atlanta this week and there was a robust discussion with execs from Apple and Google about the use of Flash (or lack there of) in certain companies OS strategy. This open letter from Jobs is […]

Consumers fuming over Android smartphone bloatware

July 23, 2010


The new phrase ‘Bloatware’ causes consumer frustration on Android. Fierce Mobile- Android smartphone users are voicing their displeasure over a growing number of preloaded third-party applications and trial software that cannot be deleted by consumers. Known as “bloatware” in PC parlance and a catch-all for non-essential software and media files bundled with hardware to boost […]